Let’s dance!

Unique atmosphere, huge, ten-thousand-square-meter dance floor, excellent acoustics, original decor, and tens of thousands of partying people. Would you believe this?It is all free. But there is one condition. In order to join the party, you must bring only positive energy. Remember this address: Market Square, Kraków.


Where should we spend New Year’s Eve? In pair with choosing Christmas gifts, this question becomes a major dilemma of December. What about welcoming New Year at one of the most beautiful market squares in Europe? 



The New Year’s toast raised here tastes amazing. Crowds of local folks and tourists, historic surroundings, show of light and colours, sounds of music uniting people from all over the world, of all ages, gender, and culture. Everything indicates that on New Year’s Eve foreign languages will blend together not only from the excess of champagne.The superb party will obviously be spent in the company of music pop stars. In previous years we have welcomed the New Year in Kraków together with such stars of the world music scene as: eccentric American vocalist Kelis, Kate Ryan named “Queen of Dance”, and Lou Bega, famous for his hit song Mambo No.5. We have also danced to live music of Daddy Cool, Ma Baker and Rivers of Babylon performed by German band Boney M. Also, Welsh king of rock’n’roll, Shakin’ Stevens, wearing his inherent white shoes, sang his wild greatest hits here.The New Year’s Eve is indisputably a queen of all nights. New Year should be greeted cheerfully and with honours. This is why, last year’s New Year’s Eve motto was: “City of Kings”. The greatest queens and kings of Polish music scene were present in the Market Square, including Agnieszka Chylińska, Maciej Maleńczuk, Kayah, Zakopower, IRA, Wilki, Feel, Red Lips and Future Folk. In spite of the winter weather, the heart of Kraków will once again feel the beat of hot rhythms, and the unforgettable atmosphere will be delivered by the greatest music stars. On this special night, the richness of the surrounding world will focus like in a lens, filling us with emotions. At the biggest New Year’s Eve dance floor in Poland, events will be happening just like in the colourful kaleidoscope. The last day of the year in Kraków   can be regarded as the résumé of four seasons. And what reflects the rhythms of nature best? The dance, of course. Various temperaments, performers, new music hits, colourful visualizations, show of lights, and, accompanying the show, acrobats and dancers. You will certainly join the flow of fun. Let’s dance!Those lost in party fun and those more disoriented in time and space do not need to worry – the most popular Polish TV presenters will guide you through the meanders of the entertaining reality. The fantastic New Year’s Eve party will begin at 8 p.m. and last until 1 a.m. Those who stay at homes will get a chance to feel jointly the incredible atmosphere of the welcoming of the New Year through the live broadcast on TVN station. Happy New Year! 


 Artur Jackowski – music critic, Karnet monthly